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Art prints through history, pt 2

Catching art prints up to the art; finding a way to create grey tones Methods like etching and engraving often used approaches such as hatching to create areas of shade; drawing lots of parallel lines close to each other so it appears to be a shade of grey. Some artists like Giovanni Battista Piranesi made […]

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Art prints through history, pt 1

Printing didn’t begin with Gutenberg; art prints reach back into pre-history Around 6000BC the Halaf culture of modern day Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, invented the first stamp seals, a concept further developed by the Sumerian culture of the same region, who progressed to cylinder seals around 3500BC. Both were used for a similar purpose; signing […]

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The most valuable photography prints

Not all photography prints are created equal Much like lenticular art, photography is a medium with no true “original” artwork; some may consider a film negative as an original, but it can’t be enjoyed as the photographer intended, so is perhaps just a unique tool to create the artwork. But not all photography prints are […]

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Lenticular artists defining the form

Taking lenticular print from novelty postcard to art medium Lenticular print, though first imagined by Renaissance painters experimenting with double-portraits on corrugated surfaces, evolved into the mainstream largely as a novelty gimmick for trading cards, postcards, or children’s toys of various kinds. As digital technology and art prints have made it much easier to achieve […]

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Digital art history, pt 2

After Photoshop, everything in digital art changed Adobe’s Photoshop wasn’t the only graphics based software in the digital art market, but it bundled most of the tools you could need for image creation, editing, and layering in an affordable package, just as computers began to be commonplace in the home. Beyond just enabling high quality […]

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Digital Art history, pt 1

Digital art pioneers; the 1950s-70s computer artists The first modern computers, as proposed by Turing, began to emerge during the 1940s and 50s, and like all new technologies artists were quick to find ways to experiment with it. Early works found artists like Ben Laposky working with oscilloscope waves to create patterns on a computer […]

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Art sales with NFTs; a digital art revolution?

What even is a non-fungible token and how does it enable digital art sales? As cryptocurrency markets pumped during 2020, a whole range of crypto-related projects and markets boomed with it, and one of the most headline grabbing was the world of NFT art sales. Cryptocurrencies work using a concept called blockchain, which is basically […]

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Pop Art history from Dada to Warhol, Pt 2

Pop art either side of the Atlantic; America viewed from within, and from afar Like most artistic movements Pop Art gradually evolved from thoughts and ideas by many artists and precursor artistic movements. American artists responding to the “looseness” and personalised symbolism of abstract expressionism, for far more accessible and universal cultural touchstones, creating a […]

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Pop Art history from Dada to Warhol, Pt 1

The catalysts of Pop Art and escaping pre-war artistic tradition First evolving in the UK in the mid-1950s, and emerging fully in the UK and US over the next decade, Pop Art optimistically idolised and iconised popular culture and the kitsch. It challenged many of the notions of traditional pre-war art, routinely challenging what artists […]

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