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Cubism: Modern Art Movements

The avant-garde is, perhaps, inherent in Modern Art, which continually sought to push boundaries and discover new frontiers, but the term first began to be associated with art and culture around the turn of the century as Modern Art accelerated its escape from art tradition. Impressionism had dominated for some time, and as things shifted […]

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Algorithm art yesterday and today

Generative and algorithm art have become hot topics recently, particularly in the NFT art market where, along with much digital art, they have found an eager audience of buyers, however; whilst many headlines insist these “AI” generated images are a remarkable new phase in art, in truth it’s a resurgence of one with a history […]

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Pop Artist lists: four more of the best

For every major star Pop Artist that the whole world knows, like Warhol, or Lichtenstein, or Hockney, there are many more who made important contributions but get seen comparitively little outside of art world circles and art galleries. Below are four more outstanding artists from the Pop Art period, and beyond; though the movement is […]

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Dada: Modern Art movements series

The First World War had many significant impacts on the world and society, and naturally it impacted on art and artists as well, who began to react almost as soon as it had started. The Modern Art period and it’s ideas of changing everything art was already ran strong, and avant-garde movements such as Cubism […]

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More Modern Art movement leaders

In our continuing series of blogs on some of the greatest artists from the Modern Art movement, we take a brief look over the careers of five more of the greats. Abstract Expressionists Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, Symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, Surrealist artist René Magritte, and the great outsider who often goes ignored […]

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Modern Art movements; Fauvism

For every widely known movement in the Modern Art period, whether Pop Art, Impressionism, or Cubism, there are many more lesser known moments that often acted as bridges from one set of ideas to another. Fauvism is a classic example, existing in a short period between 1905 and 1910, this loosely affiliated group of artists […]

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Art prints, etchings, and Rembrandt

Most people today think of Rembrandt as one of the great Old Master painters; his name is one of those which almost everyone in the West is aware of and much of the rest of the world also. He was also one of those great artists who found success within his own lifetime, however that […]

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More Pop Artists from Hockney to Murakami

Pop Art was perhaps one of Modern Art’s most successful movements, gradually evolving from a number of efforts to challenge the notions of what art was, and reclaim it as a creative space from the strict limitations of classic tradition. At times celebrating, at times questioning, and often poking fun at popular consumer culture, whatever […]

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Five more defining Modern Art artists

Modern Art’s explosion of diverse creativity, experimentation, and new styles led to a phenomenal number of art movements which each had its stand out practitioners. We covered some of the biggest names and early drivers of the scene in our last Modern Art blog including Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Warhol, and Van Gogh, but any listing […]

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