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More Great Modern Artists

There will always be names missed that may be deserving, but this is the last of our blogs on some of the great modern artists of the movement, including Impressionist master of movement Degas, Gauguin the Post-Impressionist who most admired him, Moore the great name of abstract sculpture, Chagall’s luminous stained glass colours, and Braque, […]

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Four of the most famous Street Artists

Street art is a label which has been applied to everything from public art happenings, to guerilla sculpture and yarn bombing, but there is little doubt it is most closely associated with the work of mural and graffiti artists. Utilising walls around urban spaces as their canvas, many graffiti artists progressed from decorative, complex, and […]

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Modern artworks and their artists

Continuing our look through some of the artists who produced the greatest Modern artworks of the period… Anish Kapoor After growing up in India, Kapoor moved to Israel to study electrical engineering, but soon made the decision to become an artist instead, heading for the UK’s Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea School of Art […]

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Dada: greatest artists

Dada was a bold leap forward in the evolution of Modern Art and our understanding of what art is or could be. Emerging in response to the horrors of the First World War, Dada artists sought to cast off any trace of the artistic thinking which had preceded the war; only through complete cultural change […]

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Surrealism: a modern art movement

Amongst the most readily identifiable and widely recognised Modern Art movements, Surrealism developed gradually from a range of ideas, first expressed in the world of poetry and playwriting during the First World War. The war scattered artists and creatives, and many of them were drawn into the anti-war Dadaist movement and experiments with automatic writing […]

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Futurism: a Modern Art movement

In the early 1900s, following in the footsteps of Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, and Cubism, came the Futurist movement. Focused on looking to the future, much like all Modern artists they sought the reject the traditional styles and subjects on the walls of art galleries, and find something new. The first manifesto of Futurism came from […]

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Fauvism; five Modern Art masters

Fauvism grew from the Symbolist movement, and was a short-lived but essential moment along the way to Modern Art breaking entirely from the traditions of the past, and diving into wildly experimental use of colour and form. Gustave Moreau A relatively little known name beyond the art world, Gustave Moreau was amongst the most important […]

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Pop Artwork Masters

A final dive into some of the most important artists of the Pop Artwork movement, looking at five more distinctive and defining talents. Mimmo Rotella An Italian artist linked to numerous movements including Lettrism and Nouveau Realisme as well as Pop Art. Beginning his art career after World War Two he experimented with figurative and […]

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Symbolism – Modern Art movements

Symbolism emerged in Modern Art just before the turn of the century, as artists began to push much further into ways they could communicate their ideas. Emerging in novels and poetry as well as art, Symbolism grew mostly from French, Russian, and Belgian artists reacting against naturalism and realism; other art forms had already begun […]

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Impressionism: Modern Art periods

Impressionism was one of the first really big shifts in approaches to art, that signified the beginning of the Modern Art period. By today’s standards, Impressionist paintings look quite traditional and old-fashioned, but the artists were the radicals of their time, the equivalent of today’s political street artists or NFT creators. Impressionists never tried to […]

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