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Limited edition art prints and NFT COAs

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are talked about most often in mainstream media when relating to the “originals” art market; not limited edition releases, but a one-off NFT representing a digital asset which will never again be made into an NFT, so that the buyer effectively owns “the original” digital artwork, whether it’s a digital painting, […]

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Art prints, etchings, and Rembrandt

Most people today think of Rembrandt as one of the great Old Master painters; his name is one of those which almost everyone in the West is aware of and much of the rest of the world also. He was also one of those great artists who found success within his own lifetime, however that […]

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The most valuable photography prints

Not all photography prints are created equal Much like lenticular art, photography is a medium with no true “original” artwork; some may consider a film negative as an original, but it can’t be enjoyed as the photographer intended, so is perhaps just a unique tool to create the artwork. But not all photography prints are […]

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Lenticular artists defining the form

Taking lenticular art prints from novelty postcard to art medium Lenticular print, though first imagined by Renaissance painters experimenting with double-portraits on corrugated surfaces, evolved into the mainstream largely as a novelty gimmick for trading cards, postcards, or children’s toys of various kinds. As digital technology and art prints have made it much easier to […]

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