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Contemporary art happenings

Emerging as a distinct thing in the late 1950s, as modern art began to shift towards postmodernism and contemporary perspectives, art happenings can take almost any form imaginable. Most often involving performances, installations, and situation art, the one thing that links all happenings together is their live nature; this is where art is presented or […]

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Contemporary art fairs; Vienna

Established less than a decade ago in 2012 as VIENNAFAIR, Austria’s contemporary art fairs were rebranded as viennacontemporary in 2015, and is held every year in September, currently at the Kursalon Vienna music hall building. Considered an important festival for bringing together the contemporary art scene from Western Europe with the often overlooked Central and […]

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Contemporary art fairs; Art Basel

Launched in Switzerland in 1970, Art Basel was established by three art gallery owners with the aim of providing an exhibition opportunity for art galleries to sell modern and contemporary artwork. Drawing 90 galleries and 16,000 visitors in the first year in Switzerland, the festival enjoyed rapid growth with almost 300 exhibitors and 37,000 visitors […]

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Contemporary art festival; Venice

The oldest cultural exhibition in the world, reaching back to 1895, Venice Biennale is held every year reaching across a range of mediums and event spaces around Venice, though it is perhaps best known for it’s contemporary art. Biennale refers to a shifting focus of the festival; art and architecture switch every year as the […]

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The AI art takeover

AI art has been a talking point for some time now, beginning to emerge in earnest over the last few years, capturing a lot of media interest in the process. 2022 was really the first year that the technology hit a point of being able to produce images to a standard where it could be […]

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Contemporary movements; Earth Art

Sometimes referred to as land art or earthworks, earth art utilises the landscape itself as a canvas, and sculpts vast structures and installations to sit within it. Most popular amongst American artists, perhaps because of the large, wide open landscapes absent from most of Europe, the artform developed from an intersection of conceptualism, minimalism, and […]

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Contemporary projection art

In many ways projection is a truly ancient technology and art form. It would be reasonable to describe shadow plays and revolving lanterns as a form of projection art which trace back thousands of years, however a more useful starting point is probably the camera obscura. Light passing through a pinhole into a darkened space […]

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Multimedia art: contemporary forms

Multimedia art showed it’s first signs of evolving in the late 1960s, but truly came to be in the contemporary art period as the number of mediums began to increase almost exponentially. Often confused with mixed media art (which mixes visual media such as oils and pastels on a single canvas), multimedia revolves much more […]

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The Metropolitan; best art galleries

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the biggest and best art galleries in the Americas, with over 2 million artworks in the collection, and an exhibition space are which is amongst the largest in the world. Centrally located in Manhattan, The Met was established in 1870 to make art easily available to view […]

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Great modern art galleries; Tate

Based in central London, the Tate Modern art galleries are the home of the UK’s national collection of modern and contemporary art, and one of the world’s largest art museums dedicated to the post-1900s art periods. Receiving almost 6 million visitors a year pre-pandemic, it is also amongst the most popular art galleries in the […]

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