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Art print masters of the 20th Century

With the invention of lithography and later photography, there were still plenty of improvements that could be made in the process for creating art prints, but artists largely had all they needed; photo quality reproduction of their art, freeing painters to paint rather than learn engraving techniques. Many artists still continued to work in specific […]

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Best Art Galleries; MOMA

Taking a central and high profile position in Manhattan, New York, the Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest and most influential modern art galleries in the world. Conceived of in 1929 by Abby Rockefeller and two of her friends, it drew funding from the wealthy family and their network opening the same […]

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The Metropolitan; best art galleries

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the biggest and best art galleries in the Americas, with over 2 million artworks in the collection, and an exhibition space are which is amongst the largest in the world. Centrally located in Manhattan, The Met was established in 1870 to make art easily available to view […]

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Great modern art galleries; Tate

Based in central London, the Tate Modern art galleries are the home of the UK’s national collection of modern and contemporary art, and one of the world’s largest art museums dedicated to the post-1900s art periods. Receiving almost 6 million visitors a year pre-pandemic, it is also amongst the most popular art galleries in the […]

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Street art: contemporary art series

The often forgotten roots of the contemporary street art movement lie in Chicano art murals and the graffiti scene. Though man has always drawn onto walls in the interests of making his surroundings more attractive, the Chicano and graffiti movements added a spirit of artistry, independence, and defiance to it, often featuring social and political […]

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Modern art gallery; Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France, has a powerful reputation as an exceptional modern art gallery, regularly appearing in lists of the greatest art galleries of any type. It focuses heavily on the French influence of the modern era, primarily through the pre-war period of impressionism and post-impressionism. These foundation stone movements, born in France, […]

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Modern art gallery; the Reina Sofia

The first gallery on the list to focus on modern art from the 20th Century, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia was opened in Madrid in 1990. It is located close to the Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza art galleries which cover the many movements and periods before modern art. The Reina […]

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Neo-Expressionism; contemporary art

The lines dividing different art movements and periods are always blurred, and neo-expressionism was one of those movements that fell across some of those dividing lines; those between modern art and contemporary art, in a postmodernist phase. Where minimalism had reacted against abstract expressionism, neo expressionist artists reacted back against minimalism, putting intense subjectivity into […]

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Key minimalist artists

One of the most extreme of the abstract art forms, minimalist art evolved as a reaction to abstract expressionism, seeking to remove personal ideals and symbolism from art entirely to leave just the work of art itself, and the space in which it was exhibited to confer any kind of meaning on the viewer. Seeping […]

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Key social realist artists

A movement which grew from a desire to represent a more easily recognisable reality, at a time when much of modern art was turning abstract, Social realism built on earlier waves of realist movement and the Ashcan School to create art which documented everyday reality for working class and poor people in Depression-era America. It […]

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