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Cubism: Modern Art Movements

The avant-garde is, perhaps, inherent in Modern Art, which continually sought to push boundaries and discover new frontiers, but the term first began to be associated with art and culture around the turn of the century as Modern Art accelerated its escape from art tradition. Impressionism had dominated for some time, and as things shifted […]

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Art Galleries for the best Modern Art

A last look at some of the world’s largest and most well curated Modern Art galleries. Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France With a focus on the first half of the Modern Art movement, rather than contemporary artists, the gallery collection consists mostly of French art from 1850 to 1915. This includes one of the largest collections […]

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Dada: Modern Art movements series

The First World War had many significant impacts on the world and society, and naturally it impacted on art and artists as well, who began to react almost as soon as it had started. The Modern Art period and it’s ideas of changing everything art was already ran strong, and avant-garde movements such as Cubism […]

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More Modern Art movement leaders

In our continuing series of blogs on some of the greatest artists from the Modern Art movement, we take a brief look over the careers of five more of the greats. Abstract Expressionists Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, Symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, Surrealist artist René Magritte, and the great outsider who often goes ignored […]

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Modern Art movements; Fauvism

For every widely known movement in the Modern Art period, whether Pop Art, Impressionism, or Cubism, there are many more lesser known moments that often acted as bridges from one set of ideas to another. Fauvism is a classic example, existing in a short period between 1905 and 1910, this loosely affiliated group of artists […]

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Modern Art galleries; more of the best

As a movement, Modern Art regularly divided critics and the general public, and sometimes it still can today, but contemporary art gallery visitors have certainly come to understand that if you want to see something a little different to old canvasses on a wall, a Modern Art gallery will offer you an explosion of wild […]

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NFTs; “but is it art?”

NFTs are the latest thing, but since the earliest days of the Modern Art movement, we’ve heard the words “but is it art?” uttered many times, especially as many artists sought specifically to break down and redefine what art was. Fauvism, Abstractism, Pop Art, Dadaism, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, video art and art happenings all brought […]

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Art news for fourth quarter 2021

After the rush of excitement around NFTs through much of 2020, 2021 remained a comparatively quiet year for NFT art news, as cryptocurrencies began to cool off and much of the NFT focus turned to collectable projects rather than headline grabbing single-piece sales. Traditional art auctions and exhibitions began to make a tentative return, but […]

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Modern Art galleries around the world

Much like any list of the great Modern Art artists, any listing of great Modern Art galleries also has to extend well beyond a handful of the big names; increasingly a gallery focused on this highly creative and innovative period in art history is the hallmark of any major international city. Below, five more of […]

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Modern Artists from Mondrian to Munch

From the late 1800s, artists worldwide began to feel a need to break away from the art conventions and traditions of the past; there had to be more to art than impeccable realist depictions of romanticised classics on canvas or in stone. Facing considerable criticism at first, a criticism that would re-emerge with each new […]

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