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Pop Artwork Masters

A final dive into some of the most important artists of the pop artwork movement, looking at five more of the most distinctive and defining talents of this enduringly popular modern art genre. Mimmo Rotella An Italian artist linked to numerous movements including lettrism and nouveau realisme as well as pop art. Beginning his career […]

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More pop artist masters and their work

Pushing deeper into the pop artist movement that continues to be as popular in contemporary society as it was when it happened, we look over the careers of five more of the modern art form’s most exciting and significant artists. Tom Wesselmann, the cartoonist Starting his art career sketching cartoons while he was in the […]

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Pop Artist lists: four more of the best

For every major star Pop Artist that the whole world knows, like Warhol, or Lichtenstein, or Hockney, there are many more who made important contributions but get seen comparitively little outside of art world circles and art galleries. Below are four more outstanding artists from the pop art period, and beyond; though the movement is […]

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Pop Artists from Hockney to Murakami

Pop art was perhaps one of modern art’s most successful movements, gradually evolving from a number of efforts to challenge the notions of what art was, and reclaim it, as a free creative space, from the strict limitations of classic tradition. At times celebrating, at times questioning, and often poking fun at popular consumer culture, […]

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NFTs from celebrities; Pop Art 2?

The boom in contemporary NFT art sales over the last two years has created some eye catching headlines and auction prices, and something of a gold rush to get involved. Unlike traditional artforms such as oil painting, interesting NFTs can be created with little or no artistic ability. As such a number of celebrities with […]

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Pop Artists that defined the movement

Pop art emerged from decades of experimentation and creativity in the modern art period, which continually sought to redefine and re-imagine art, whether to purely break down the traditions of the past, or to push the boundaries of what art was or could be. At the end of this period, a generation of pop artists […]

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Pop Art history; the end of modernism

Pop art either side of the Atlantic; America viewed from within, and from afar Like most artistic movements pop art gradually evolved from thoughts and ideas by many artists and precursor artistic movements. American artists moved from the “looseness” and personalised symbolism of abstract expressionism, to far more accessible and universal cultural touchstones, creating a […]

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Pop Art history from Dada to Warhol

The catalysts of Pop Art and escaping pre-war artistic tradition First evolving in the UK in the mid-1950s, and emerging fully in the UK and US over the next decade, pop art optimistically idolised and iconised popular culture and the kitsch. It challenged the notions of traditional pre-war art, shifting ideas on what art subjects […]

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When is an art print original artwork?

In 1997 The Independent newspaper in the UK featured a double page spread of an art print by pop artist David Hockney; “Two Apples & One Lemon & Four Flowers”. Rather than being a reproduction of an original artwork, the newspaper, and Hockney himself, argued that the print was the art; “Even though it’s printed […]

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Street art history; graffiti and protest

Art styles and influences often overlap as one set of creativity feeds into another and artists develop their styles and ideas over time. Through the last few decades that continuous process has seen movements like pop art, graffiti, and protest murals feeding into creating modern street art. And this itself already feeds into new evolutions […]

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