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Great art gallery: National Gallery

Given a high profile home in Trafalgar Square in London, the UK’s National Gallery dates to 1824, and is amongst the ten most visited art museums in the world, with a collection spanning the 1300s to 1900. It is quite unique as a European art gallery in that it doesn’t originate from a royal art […]

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Modern art gallery; Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France, has a powerful reputation as an exceptional modern art gallery, regularly appearing in lists of the greatest art galleries of any type. It focuses heavily on the French influence of the Modern era, primarily through the pre-war period of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. These foundation stone movements, born in France, […]

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Modern art gallery; the Reina Sofia

The first gallery on the list to focus on Modern Art from the 20th Century, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia was opened in Madrid in 1990, close to the Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza art galleries which cover the many movements and periods before Modern Art. The Reina Sofia was created […]

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Great Art Gallery: Van Gogh Museum

Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, close to the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Concertgebouw, the Van Gogh Museum has focused on the work of the most famous of the Dutch painters, and many of his contemporaries. It is the most visited art gallery and museum in the Netherlands, and exists thanks largely to van Gogh’s […]

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Art Galleries for the best Modern Art

A last look at some of the world’s largest and most well curated modern art galleries. Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France With a focus on the first half of the modern art movement, rather than contemporary artists, the gallery collection consists mostly of French art from 1850 to 1915. This includes one of the largest collections […]

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Modern Art galleries; more of the best

As a movement, modern art regularly divided critics and the general public, and sometimes it still can today; but contemporary art gallery visitors have certainly come to understand that if you want to see something a little different to old canvasses on a wall, a contemporary or modern art gallery will offer you an explosion […]

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Modern Art galleries around the world

Much like any list of the great modern art artists, any listing of great modern art galleries also has to extend well beyond a handful of the big names; increasingly a gallery focused on this highly creative and innovative period in art history is the hallmark of any major international city. Below, five more of […]

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Art gallery history; castle to high street

Art hasn’t always been accessible; before the creation of printing methods which were capable of producing art prints, most people couldn’t afforded to buy original artwork or to have something painted for them. It’s very hard to imagine today but images were rare in the middle ages, there was no such thing as a public […]

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State Hermitage Art Museum Russia

Housed in a remarkably sized building, Russia’s State Hermitage Museum is the largest in the world by art gallery space, and second largest by overall size, with an impressively vast collection of artworks to go with it. The collection was initiated by Catherine the Great, who bought 225 paintings from an art dealer including work […]

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