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Contemporary art happenings

Emerging as a distinct thing in the late 1950s, as modern art began to shift towards postmodernism and contemporary perspectives, art happenings can take almost any form imaginable. Most often involving performances, installations, and situation art, the one thing that links all happenings together is their live nature; this is where art is presented or […]

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Great art print series; Piranesi’s Rome

Giovanni Battista Piranesi was one of the great art print series creators of the 18th century, and perhaps throughout all of history. Considering himself an architect and archaeologist before being an artist, his work is exceptionally technically crafted, but undoubtedly shows an artistic flair far beyond technical drawing. Born to a stonemason, and completing an […]

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Art print masters of the 20th Century

With the invention of lithography and later photography, there were still plenty of improvements that could be made in the process for creating art prints, but artists largely had all they needed; photo quality reproduction of their art, freeing painters to paint rather than learn engraving techniques. Many artists still continued to work in specific […]

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Art print history; 19th Century

The 19th Century brought a range of innovations and new techniques to the annals of art print history. Where once everything had been about scratching or marking surfaces of materials like metal and wood, it now shifted. Intaglio techniques were wonderful for linework but very limited in terms of shading or colouring, and restrictive to […]

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Great art print series; Blake’s Jerusalem

Little appreciated in his time, William Blake was an English painter, poet, and printmaker today considered one of England’s greatest artists, and who created a unique visual perspective on the world through explorations of philosophy and mysticism. His career began in the world of art prints as an apprentice engraver, creating images of Gothic churches […]

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Great art print; Rembrandt’s Bible

Rembrandt today is most widely thought of as a great painter, but during his own life he was most well known for his etchings, a new technology at the time, but one which he embraced and became a master of. An air of mystery surrounds his work and the precise techniques he used, homed over […]

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Great art prints; Divine Comedy by Dore

The French artist Gustave Dore was known for his painting, illustration, sculpting, and great art prints, pouring out a large volume of beautifully designed and crafted wood engravings, which are widely considered the best examples of the medium. Producing over 10,000 artworks to illustrate classic literature from the Bible to Edgar Allen Poe, Dore’s design […]

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Contemporary movements; Earth Art

Sometimes referred to as land art or earthworks, earth art utilises the landscape itself as a canvas, and sculpts vast structures and installations to sit within it. Most popular amongst American artists, perhaps because of the large, wide open landscapes absent from most of Europe, the artform developed from an intersection of conceptualism, minimalism, and […]

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Woodblock art prints; Mount Fuji by Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai lived during the Edo period in Japan, becoming known as a great creator of paintings and art prints, who developed the ukiyo-e art style beyond portraits of public figures, into broader studies of animals, plants, and natural landscapes. His career began in an apprenticeship with a wood carver, which switched to study under […]

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20th Century art print masters

With the invention of lithography and later photography, there were still plenty of improvements that could be made in to the printing process, but artists and art print masters largely had all they needed. Photo quality reproduction of their pieces was fully realised, freeing painters to paint rather than learn engraving techniques. Many artists still […]

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