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The AI art takeover

AI art has been a talking point for some time now, beginning to emerge in earnest over the last few years, capturing a lot of media interest in the process. 2022 was really the first year that the technology hit a point of being able to produce images to a standard where it could be […]

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2022 Art News for Q4

2022 art news has seen the regular artworld get moving again after the pandemic, after a wild run on NFTs and cryptocurrency, ending with the market crashing and Wikipedia declaring that NFTs would not be categorised as art on their platform. The market still goes on; 2022 sales in total were higher than 2021, but […]

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Arts news from Q3 2022

The art world continued to be defined by change over the third quarter. Recent years have seen huge shifts of all kinds tied to Covid, cryptocurrency, war in Ukraine, and now widespread economic woes, however even as things change, they stay much the same. Here’s the latest arts news from 2022. There is of course […]

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Latest art news for Q2 2022

Bringing us up to halfway through the year and the world of art is settling into something more familiar looking from pre-Pandemic times. In the latest international art news collectors are spending large sums on emerging and great artists at auction, and a new wave of art gallery related protests has emerged from the world […]

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Lenticular art news first half 2022

Lenticular print is enjoying something of a popular revival as more and more people see commercial marketing and advertising campaigns featuring it. So far this year we’ve seen lenticular versions of posters and bus adverts for film and TV including Scream, Hotel Transylvania, and Midwich Cuckoos, video game The Quarry, BBC Radio 1, a Bonobo […]

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Arts news from first quarter 2022

2022 kicked off slowly in the art world, with most eyes focused on events in Ukraine and speculation over impending war, as well as signs of yet more waves of Covid; some of the first arts news of the year was of which events would not be taking place. Of course, NFT art continued to […]

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Art news for fourth quarter 2021

After the rush of excitement around digital art NFTs through much of 2020, 2021 remained a comparatively quiet year for NFT art news. As cryptocurrencies began to cool off much of the NFT focus turned to collectable projects rather than headline grabbing single-piece art shop sales. Traditional art auctions and exhibitions began to make a […]

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Lenticular art moments 2021

Lenticular art prints, though they have been around for a long time, are still little known as an artistic medium. Only relatively contemporary advances in digital printing and computer graphics software have made it widely achievable at the high quality standard, and scale, demanded by most professional artists. Every year sees a few new and […]

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2021: NFTs, protests, and art sales

2020 was a strange year for every sector, and coronavirus lockdowns and disruption affected art news and events as well. As art galleries, auctions, and shops closed doors ceasing sales, news focused around street art and protests against certain public artworks. New pieces by street artists Banksy and The Rebel Bear appeared in the UK, […]

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