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Key minimalist artists

One of the most extreme of the abstract art forms, minimalist art evolved as a reaction to abstract expressionism, seeking to remove personal ideals and symbolism from art entirely to leave just the work of art itself, and the space in which it was exhibited to confer any kind of meaning on the viewer. Seeping […]

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Key Surrealist artists

Surrealism sought to explore dreams and the unconscious, originating amongst writers and poets seeking ways to bring their subconscious into reality, creating a super-reality in the process. Often featuring surprising juxtapositions and subjects, the artists within the movement took inspiration from the Dadaists and psychoanalysis, exploring techniques like automatism and dream analysis to create images […]

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Key Futurist Artists

An important bridging point between the early Modern Art movements of cubism, fauvism, expressionism, and later movements such as constructivism, surrealism, and dada, the Futurist movement was an Italian-led movement, and focused hard of visualising future. It sought out content of the future such as technology, aeroplanes, and city scapes, as well as a style […]

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Key Impressionist Artists

Impressionism was the first really popular artistic movement to diverge from traditional and classical art. It was a small step, freeing up artists to use more expressive brush strokes and colours, but most importantly it changed perspectives; art could be more than romanticised realism. It is also a movement linked to a vast number of […]

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The key symbolist artists

One of the earliest of the Modern Art movements, emerging shortly after Impressionism, Symbolism sought to escape the representation of reality entirely, in favour of subjects like spirituality, imagination, and dreams. Many of the symbolist artists used quite a traditional and often realist style, but the subject matter was very much a shift, and the […]

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The key expressionist artists

Expressionist art represented a huge step forward in the development of Modern Art ideas. Impressionism had first considered incorporating the subjectivity of the artist to the painting; allowing them to hint at mood and movement to better convey their impression on viewing the scene, but these were small steps into experimentation. Expressionism encouraged artists to […]

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Key abstract expressionist artists

Abstract expressionism dramatically shifted the centre of the modern art world from Paris to New York. Drawing on the automatism ideas of the surrealists, abstract expressionist artists also took inspiration from futurism, Bauhaus, and crystal cubism and threw out figurative subjects entirely, as artists focused on ideas like expressing the feeling of things, the atmosphere, […]

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Four of the most famous Street Artists

Street art is a label which has been applied to everything from public art happenings, to guerilla sculpture and yarn bombing, but there is little doubt it is most closely associated with the work of mural and graffiti artists. Utilising walls around urban spaces as their canvas, many graffiti artists progressed from decorative, complex, and […]

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Great Art Gallery: Van Gogh Museum

Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, close to the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Concertgebouw, the Van Gogh Museum has focused on the work of the most famous of the Dutch painters, and many of his contemporaries. It is the most visited art gallery and museum in the Netherlands, and exists thanks largely to van Gogh’s […]

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Modern artworks and their artists

Continuing our look through some of the artists who produced the greatest Modern artworks of the period… Anish Kapoor After growing up in India, Kapoor moved to Israel to study electrical engineering, but soon made the decision to become an artist instead, heading for the UK’s Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea School of Art […]

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