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Four of the most famous Street Artists

Street art is a label which has been applied to everything from public art happenings, to guerilla sculpture and yarn bombing, but there is little doubt it is most closely associated with the work of mural and graffiti artists. Utilising walls around urban spaces as their canvas, many graffiti artists progressed from decorative, complex, and […]

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Great Art Gallery: Van Gogh Museum

Based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, close to the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Concertgebouw, the Van Gogh Museum has focused on the work of the most famous of the Dutch painters, and many of his contemporaries. It is the most visited art gallery and museum in the Netherlands, and exists thanks largely to van Gogh’s […]

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Modern artworks and their artists

Continuing our look through some of the artists who produced the greatest Modern artworks of the period… Anish Kapoor After growing up in India, Kapoor moved to Israel to study electrical engineering, but soon made the decision to become an artist instead, heading for the UK’s Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea School of Art […]

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Dada: greatest artists

Dada was a bold leap forward in the evolution of Modern Art and our understanding of what art is or could be. Emerging in response to the horrors of the First World War, Dada artists sought to cast off any trace of the artistic thinking which had preceded the war; only through complete cultural change […]

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Fauvism; five Modern Art masters

Fauvism grew from the Symbolist movement, and was a short-lived but essential moment along the way to Modern Art breaking entirely from the traditions of the past, and diving into wildly experimental use of colour and form. Gustave Moreau A relatively little known name beyond the art world, Gustave Moreau was amongst the most important […]

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Pop Artwork Masters

A final dive into some of the most important artists of the Pop Artwork movement, looking at five more distinctive and defining talents. Mimmo Rotella An Italian artist linked to numerous movements including Lettrism and Nouveau Realisme as well as Pop Art. Beginning his art career after World War Two he experimented with figurative and […]

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More pop artist masters and their work

Pushing deeper into the Pop Artist movement, we meet five more of the art form’s most exciting and significant artists. Tom Wesselmann Starting his art career sketching cartoons while he was in the military, he went on to study at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and began selling cartoon strips to magazines. At the age […]

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Pop Artist lists: four more of the best

For every major star Pop Artist that the whole world knows, like Warhol, or Lichtenstein, or Hockney, there are many more who made important contributions but get seen comparitively little outside of art world circles and art galleries. Below are four more outstanding artists from the Pop Art period, and beyond; though the movement is […]

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Art prints, etchings, and Rembrandt

Most people today think of Rembrandt as one of the great Old Master painters; his name is one of those which almost everyone in the West is aware of and much of the rest of the world also. He was also one of those great artists who found success within his own lifetime, however that […]

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Modern Artists from Mondrian to Munch

From the late 1800s, artists worldwide began to feel a need to break away from the art conventions and traditions of the past; there had to be more to art than impeccable realist depictions of romanticised classics on canvas or in stone. Facing considerable criticism at first, a criticism that would re-emerge with each new […]

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