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Feminist art; contemporary art series

The new ways of thinking about art that emerged through the modern art period, matured at a time when the whole of western society was thinking about a lot of things in new ways. Through the 1960s and 1970s, as modern art turned to contemporary, there were huge societal shifts in terms of race, sexuality, […]

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Modern art gallery; the Reina Sofia

The first gallery on the list to focus on Modern Art from the 20th Century, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia was opened in Madrid in 1990, close to the Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza art galleries which cover the many movements and periods before Modern Art. The Reina Sofia was created […]

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Young British Artists; contemporary art

The YBA, or Young British Artist, movement emerged from a young group of artists who had attended the Goldsmiths and Royal College of Art fine arts courses in the late 1980s. They began their professional careers exhibiting together and using a range of controversial and attention grabbing tactics which leveraged considerable media attention. The first […]

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Neo-Expressionism; contemporary art

The lines dividing different art movements and periods are always blurred, and neo-expressionism was one of those movements that fell across some of those dividing lines; those between modern art and contemporary art, in a postmodernist phase. Where minimalism had reacted against abstract expressionism, neo expressionist artists reacted back against minimalism, putting intense subjectivity into […]

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Installation art; contemporary art

In the modern era of art galleries, particularly those with a focus on contemporary art, it’s hard to imagine not seeing example of Installation Art, but the concept only truly began to emerge in the 1970s, as the Modern Art era was fading and a postmodernist era was beginning. As a term Installation Art applies […]

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Has the NFT digital art tide turned?

The NFT digital art market has long been suspected to be tied intrinsically to the fortunes of cryptocurrencies, but with both markets being very young, it was hard to be certain; correlation doesn’t always mean causation. Crypto markets began their bull run after a dramatic crash in spring 2020, and though there was a lift […]

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Four of the most famous Street Artists

Street art is a label which has been applied to everything from public art happenings, to guerilla sculpture and yarn bombing, but there is little doubt it is most closely associated with the work of mural and graffiti artists. Utilising walls around urban spaces as their canvas, many graffiti artists progressed from decorative, complex, and […]

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Digital artists and the Metaverse

Metaverse has recently become a hugely popular buzzword used to describe a range of projects and products ranging from detailed virtual reality worlds, to extensive collections of NFTs and other digital artwork linked together in their own universe. It’s tempting to see this as yet another buzzword used by PR officers to make a product […]

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Latest art news for Q2 2022

Bringing us up to halfway through the year and the world of art is settling into something more familiar looking from pre-Pandemic times. In the latest art news collectors are spending large sums on emerging and great artists at auction, and a new wave of art gallery related protests has emerged from the world of […]

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Arts news from first quarter 2022

2022 kicked off slowly in the art world, with most eyes focused on events in Ukraine and speculation over impending war, as well as signs of yet more waves of Covid; some of the first arts news of the year was of which events would not be taking place. Of course, NFT art continued to […]

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