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Dada: greatest artists

Dada was a bold leap forward in the evolution of modern art and our understanding of what art is or could be. Emerging in response to the horrors of the First World War, dada artists sought to cast off any trace of the artistic thinking which had preceded the war; only through complete cultural change […]

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Dada: Modern Art movements

The First World War had many significant impacts on the world and society, and naturally it impacted on art and artists as well, who began to react almost as soon as it had started. The modern art period and it’s ideas of changing everything art was already running strong, and avant-garde movements such as cubism […]

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Five more defining modern art artists

Modern art’s explosion of diverse creativity, experimentation, and new styles led to a phenomenal number of art movements which each had its stand out practitioners. We covered some of the biggest names and early drivers of the scene in our last modern art blog including Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Warhol, and Van Gogh, but any listing […]

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Modern art history, pt 2

Post World War 1 and the inter-war years in modern art Whatever positivity and sense of fun experimentation had preceded the war began to tarnish and fade; anti-art movements such as dadaism emerged with artists like Duchamp, which sought to not so much change art as flip it entirely away from what had gone before. […]

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Pop Art history; the end of modernism

Pop art either side of the Atlantic; America viewed from within, and from afar Like most artistic movements pop art gradually evolved from thoughts and ideas by many artists and precursor artistic movements. American artists moved from the “looseness” and personalised symbolism of abstract expressionism, to far more accessible and universal cultural touchstones, creating a […]

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Pop Art history from Dada to Warhol

The catalysts of Pop Art and escaping pre-war artistic tradition First evolving in the UK in the mid-1950s, and emerging fully in the UK and US over the next decade, pop art optimistically idolised and iconised popular culture and the kitsch. It challenged the notions of traditional pre-war art, shifting ideas on what art subjects […]

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