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Contemporary projection art

In many ways projection is a truly ancient technology and art form. It would be reasonable to describe shadow plays and revolving lanterns as a form of projection art which trace back thousands of years, however a more useful starting point is probably the camera obscura. Light passing through a pinhole into a darkened space […]

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Has the NFT digital art tide turned?

The NFT digital art market has long been suspected to be tied intrinsically to the fortunes of cryptocurrencies, but with both markets being very young it was hard to be certain; correlation doesn’t always mean causation. Crypto markets began their bull run after a dramatic crash in spring 2020, and though there was a lift […]

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Digital artists and the Metaverse

Metaverse has recently become a hugely popular buzzword used to describe a range of projects ranging from detailed virtual reality worlds, to extensive collections of NFTs and other digital artwork linked together in their own universe. It’s tempting to see this as another buzzword used by PR officers to make a product sound “techy”, however […]

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Art NFTs and Bored Ape Yacht Clubs

In the ever evolving contemporary NFT art market, much like the rest of the world of cryptocurrency related projects, things move fast, and people are constantly looking for the next big thing to grab wide attention. First it was digital art, then celebrity art, and recently we have been caught in a craze for collectable […]

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Algorithm art yesterday and today

Generative and algorithm art have become hot topics recently, particularly in the NFT art market where, along with much digital art, they have found an eager audience of buyers. Though while many headlines insist these “AI” generated images are a remarkable new phase in art, in truth it’s a resurgence of one with a history […]

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NFT art for a cause; charity projects

One of the exciting developments in the world of digital art NFTs is an explosion of collectable projects focused heavily on raising funds for a range of charities and positive causes. Far from offering a small one-off donation, many of the projects are extremely generous, offering large shares of their sales and royalty prices to […]

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NFTs; “but is it art?”

NFTs are the latest thing, but since the earliest days of the modern art movement, we’ve heard the words “but is it art?” uttered many times, especially as many artists sought specifically to break down and redefine what art was. Fauvism, abstractism, pop art, dadaism, minimalism, abstract expressionism, video art and art happenings all brought […]

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Limited edition prints and NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are talked about most often in mainstream media when relating to the original art market; not limited edition releases, but a one-off NFT representing a digital asset which will never again be made into an NFT. This means the buyer effectively owns the “original” digital artwork, whether it’s a digital painting, […]

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NFT art makes digital art functional

Contemporary NFT art sales have rapidly drawn attention as one of the best new places for digital artists to fully monetise their work, as well as opening doors to a diverse range of other artists from filmmakers and photographers to celebrities and brands. Nearly all of these project exist within a very narrow realm of […]

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NFTs from celebrities; Pop Art 2?

The boom in contemporary NFT art sales over the last two years has created some eye catching headlines and auction prices, and something of a gold rush to get involved. Unlike traditional artforms such as oil painting, interesting NFTs can be created with little or no artistic ability. As such a number of celebrities with […]

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