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Expressionism: Modern Art Movements

Expressionism first emerged around the turn of the century alongside numerous other avant-garde Modernist movements which aimed to rethink approaches to art and literature, that helped artists escape the limitations of traditional artistic representation. Expressionists primary ideal was to present the world in the most subjective way possible, placing things like emotion, mood, and ideas […]

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Five Modern Artists who led the movement

The Modern Art period ran from the late 1800s into the late 1900s, and represented a period of incredible experimentation in art where, at first, creatives sought to simply break painterly traditions of the past, but soon came to re-imagine what art even was. The period included so many fascinating and important movements that any […]

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Modern Art history, pt 1

Modern art is not another term for contemporary art The two are often confused, but modern art describes a broad collection of artistic movements and styles that flourished between 1860 and 1970, united by one ideal; rethinking the traditions of art in synch with the changes taking place in the society around it. After the […]

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