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Lenticular art moments in 2021

Lenticular art prints, though they have been around for a long time, is still little known as an artistic medium, only relatively recent advances in digital printing and computer graphics software have made it widely achievable at the high quality standard, and scale, demanded by most professional artists. Every year sees a few new and […]

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Lenticular artists defining the form

Taking lenticular art prints from novelty postcard to art medium Lenticular print, though first imagined by Renaissance painters experimenting with double-portraits on corrugated surfaces, evolved into the mainstream largely as a novelty gimmick for trading cards, postcards, or children’s toys of various kinds. As digital technology and art prints have made it much easier to […]

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Lenticular art print history

To look over the original artworks in the Lenticular Gallery collection, or at our range of digital print equipment, lenticular art feels very modern, but these remarkable art prints¬†trace their art history all the way back to the 1500s, when tabula scalata became a popular novelty in England. These¬†worked very similarly to lenticular printing, using […]

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