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Art news for fourth quarter 2021

After the rush of excitement around digital art NFTs through much of 2020, 2021 remained a comparatively quiet year for NFT art news. As cryptocurrencies began to cool off much of the NFT focus turned to collectable projects rather than headline grabbing single-piece art shop sales. Traditional art auctions and exhibitions began to make a […]

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Five great modern artists

The modern art period ran from the late 1800s into the late 1900s, and represented a period of incredible experimentation in art where, at first, creatives sought to simply break painterly traditions of the past, but soon came to re-imagine what art even was. The period included so many fascinating and important movements that any […]

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Art print sales records

Art prints can be so much more than just a copy of an original artwork Lenticular art, much like modern digital art, is a form that can only exist as an art print; there is no true original artwork as you have in painting. While NFTs and blockchain registration are beginning to create a solution […]

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