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Arts news from Q3 2022

The art world continued to be defined by change over the third quarter. Recent years have seen huge shifts of all kinds tied to Covid, cryptocurrency, war in Ukraine, and now widespread economic woes, however even as things change, they stay much the same. Here’s the latest arts news from 2022. There is of course […]

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Latest art news for Q2 2022

Bringing us up to halfway through the year and the world of art is settling into something more familiar looking from pre-Pandemic times. In the latest international art news collectors are spending large sums on emerging and great artists at auction, and a new wave of art gallery related protests has emerged from the world […]

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Street art history; graffiti and protest

Art styles and influences often overlap as one set of creativity feeds into another and artists develop their styles and ideas over time. Through the last few decades that continuous process has seen movements like pop art, graffiti, and protest murals feeding into creating modern street art. And this itself already feeds into new evolutions […]

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2021: NFTs, protests, and art sales

2020 was a strange year for every sector, and coronavirus lockdowns and disruption affected art news and events as well. As art galleries, auctions, and shops closed doors ceasing sales, news focused around street art and protests against certain public artworks. New pieces by street artists Banksy and The Rebel Bear appeared in the UK, […]

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