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Key Surrealist artists

Surrealism sought to explore dreams and the unconscious, originating amongst writers and poets seeking ways to bring their subconscious into reality, creating a super-reality in the process. Often featuring surprising juxtapositions and subjects, the artists within the movement took inspiration from the Dadaists and psychoanalysis, exploring techniques like automatism and dream analysis to create images […]

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Surrealism: a modern art movement

Amongst the most readily identifiable and widely recognised modern art movements, surrealism developed gradually from a range of ideas, first expressed in the world of poetry and playwriting during the First World War. The war scattered artists and creatives, and many of them were drawn into the anti-war dadaist movement and experiments with automatic writing […]

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More Modern Art movement leaders

In our continuing series of blogs on some of the greatest artists from the modern art movement, we take a brief look over the careers of five more of the greats. Abstract expressionists Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, symbolist artist Gustav Klimt, surrealist RenĂ© Magritte, and the great outsider who often goes ignored in […]

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Five great modern artists

The modern art period ran from the late 1800s into the late 1900s, and represented a period of incredible experimentation in art where, at first, creatives sought to simply break painterly traditions of the past, but soon came to re-imagine what art even was. The period included so many fascinating and important movements that any […]

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Modern art history, pt 2

Post World War 1 and the inter-war years in modern art Whatever positivity and sense of fun experimentation had preceded the war began to tarnish and fade; anti-art movements such as dadaism emerged with artists like Duchamp, which sought to not so much change art as flip it entirely away from what had gone before. […]

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Modern Art history, pt 1

Modern art is not another term for contemporary art The two are often confused, but modern art describes a broad collection of artistic movements and styles that flourished between 1860 and 1970, united by one ideal; rethinking the traditions of art in synch with the changes taking place in the society around it. After the […]

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